Rioja DOCa: ‘Cuando estoy feliz ME RÍO JA’

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The DOCa Rioja is targeting new generations of wine consumers and breaking clichés with an advertising campaign with more than 300 million impacts. The new creatives, in which laughter plays an essential role, will be seen on television and digital platforms until mid-December.

Driven by the challenge of leading the recovery of wine sales and focusing on its fresher image, both for the upcoming Christmas period and the medium term, the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin has presented a new advertising campaign aimed at its younger and cosmopolitan audience. The battery of energetic spots that, until mid-December, can be seen on national television channels and on various digital platforms and social networks, shows the jovial character of the eagerly awaited social gatherings and celebrations, and the laughter that usually takes place around a bottle of good wine. The new wave of Rioja advertising is part of the Designation of Origin's 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

These new advertising pieces, with strong musical overtones thanks to the collaboration of composer and emerging artist Daniel Belenguer, also known as Bearoid or Alavedra, are the work of the agency Madresanta and award-winning filmmaker Uri Segarra, who have collaborated with the production company Rare House for the project. The media plan was designed by Mediterránea de Medios (GroupM).

With the campaign, Rioja reaffirms its status as a leader in the Spanish Denomination of Origin wine scene, making progress in establishing a new tone of communication that allows it to connect directly with a young adult target and achieve its vision for the year 2025.

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