Rioja wines consolidate their position in the Chinese market


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Despite the difficulties that China is experiencing as a result of the anti-vineyard measures and closures decreed by the government, which have forced it to restrict events and face-to-face meetings, the DOCa Rioja has once again demonstrated its resilience and is maintaining its activity thanks to the flexibility of its communication campaign and its commitment to digitalisation.


During the spring, various activities were successfully held in the country, such as the China National Blind Tasting Competition, with Rioja tasting seminars in 13 cities, digital microcampaigns to increase interaction with more than 30,000 Rioja followers on the most popular social networks, promotion in digital media, which totalled more than 6 million impacts during the spring alone, and the sending of sets with Rioja wines to 100 key figures in the sector and opinion leaders. All this helps to reinforce the prestige of the brand and celebrate ten years of promoting Rioja in China.

The figures are the best proof of the good performance and strength of the Wine Region in the Asian giant: in 2021, Rioja experienced a 43.4% growth in turnover value in China.


According to the latest report by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV), China is one of Rioja's main international markets. In fact, Rioja remains among the European regions with the greatest presence in the country, recovering in 2021 part of what it lost in 2020. In this line, Rioja is the third region in terms of litre volume, with 3 million litres marketed in total, which represents an increase of almost 19% (18.7%) in 2021 compared to the previous year.

In addition to the above-mentioned promotional activities, the appellation has carried out new activities, the great acceptance of which is setting the way for continued success. Thus, the first of a series of tastings aimed at importers was held with the aim of positioning Rioja among the world's most prestigious regions and, to circumvent the problems of confinement, the presentation was streamed and 200 wine tasting kits were sent to the homes of participating importers. Proof of the great interest aroused in the market is that a further 220 importers followed the live broadcast even though they did not have the wine tasting kits. This interest aroused in the sector and has generated good expectations for future tastings and meetings.

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