Txotx! The Sagardo Berriaren Eguna 2023 is here

Aitziber Garmendia and Jon Plazaola.
Aitziber Garmendia and Jon Plazaola.

Organised by Sagardoaren Lurraldea, the XXX Sagardo Berriaren Eguna 2023 will be held on 11 January to kick off the 2023 txotx season and the long-awaited moment to start enjoying the sagardo berria. This year's guests will be the actors Aitziber Garmendia and Jon Plazaola.

In this thirtieth edition, the moment of the day corresponds to the opening of the txotx held at the Alorrenea cider house in Astigarraga, when after the announcement of "Gure Sagardo Berria" by Aitziber Garmendia and Jon Plazaola, the 2023 txotx season will be opened.

Beforehand, they will take part in the planting of a new apple tree in the Sagardoetxea apple orchard, a symbolic act as a sign of the dynamism and renewal of nature, which year after year offers us the chance to sit around a table and the sagardoa (cider).



11:30: Handing out of accreditations at Sagardoetxea.

12:00: Press conference at Sagardoetxea, where the characteristics of the 2022 harvest, the new cider and the most important events in cider culture will be presented.

12:45: Symbolic act of planting an apple tree by Aitziber Garmendia and Jon Plazaola.

13:30: With the call of the txalapartaris, the sagar dantza will be danced and then the sagardogiles will accompany Garmendia and Plazaola to form part of the soka dantza to taste the new cider.

13:45: At the Alorrenea cider house, the guests will taste the new cider to the cry of "Gure Sagardo Berria" and the start of the new txotx season will be made official. Afterwards, the first cider house menu will be tasted.

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