XXIV Basque Country Txistorra Championship


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This Wednesday Ordizia is hosting the 24th Basque Country Txistorra Championship, an initiative which forms part of the actions aimed at drawing consumers' attention to a series of traditional products; txistorra, in this case, which are made in the traditional way, which is undoubtedly synonymous with guarantee and quality.


Organised by Ordizia Town Council with the collaboration of the Butchers' Association of the Gipuzkoa Federation of Butchers, the municipality is hosting the 24th Basque Country Txistorra Championship. The championship is open to professionals who make the product themselves.


Txistorra is a product associated with the slaughter of the pig, a deeply-rooted tradition in the Basque Country that is celebrated on the feast of Santo Tomás on 21 December. It is a traditional slaughter in which the division of labour left the killing and cutting up of the pig to the man, while the woman carried out a whole series of tasks such as making black pudding, chorizo, sausages... by shredding the lean parts and adding pepper, salt...

It has pork meat and bacon, salt, garlic and paprika, which are stuffed into sheep or lamb intestine, leaving it to air-dry once it has been made.

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