Haragi, the meeting of meat lovers, is back

Chuleta a la parrilla.
Chuleta a la parrilla.

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HARAGI, the meeting for meat lovers, is back. It is an event promoted by the City Council of Tolosa, the Basque Government, HAZI and the Basque Culinary Center that will be held from 19 to 22 May. On the first day there will be a professional congress, while on the weekend the festival will focus on Tolosa.

The third edition of HARAGI arrives with new features and in festival format to bring the event and gastronomy closer to the new generations. The main novelty this year is HARAGI FEST. This event will take place in the Zumardi Txikia: the Foodtrucks area will be located there (there will even be a bus among them!) during the whole weekend.

It is no coincidence that HARAGI is being held in Tolosa, "known for its gastronomy, its grill tradition and its chuletón", as the town's mayoress Olatz Peón points out: "Grills and chops are part of Tolosa's DNA, as well as the sectors that make up the food chain, which are strategic. What began as a steak festival has become an international event; and its success is largely due to the popular nature of the festival, the involvement and collaboration of the social fabric of Tolosa: rotisseries, gastronomic societies, cooks, the meat sector... without them HARAGI would not be possible".

The director of Food Quality and Industries of the Basque Government, Raul Perez Iratxeta, also stressed that "meat is one of the products that characterises the gastronomy of the Basque Country, and therefore our livestock sector, a sector that produces healthy food in a sustainable way and is a model of family farming that favours the environmental management of the territory and the care of the diversity of production and landscape".

Presentation of HARAGI in Tolosa
Presentation of HARAGI in Tolosa

International roasts

There will also be the traditional international barbecues at HARAGI. This year the showcooking will take place in the Triangulo square on Saturday morning, 21st, with the participation of Florencia Abella (from the Eksdet restaurant in Stockholm), Pablo Rivero (from Parrilla Don Julio, from Buenos Aires) and Txomin Parrilla (a well-known Basque griller).

In the same square there will also be a classroom, called 'SUA Espazioa', in which professionals from Tolosa (such as Xabier Gorrotxategi, from Casa Julián, Joxean Goya, from Goya and Miguel Cruz, from Alejandro Goya) will give a course to learn the technique of the inclined grill and everything you need to bear in mind when grilling a Toulouse-style steak. There will also be a tasting of what has been cooked. There will be two shifts during the morning, and each session will last around 60 minutes.


As every year, the HARAGI congress will be held at the Basque Culinary Center on 19 May

Basque Culinary Center

In addition to the popular programme mentioned so far, the HARAGI meeting will, like every year, include its congress at the Basque Culinary Center on 19 May, organised for the professional public of the meat sector, with gender and technique as the main focus, as explained by the director of the gastronomic faculty Joxe Mari Aizega: "Through this meeting, we will once again enjoy and highlight the value of the meat and grill sector, which on this occasion will pay special attention to quality, animal welfare and sustainability".

In addition to the international chefs participating in Haragi, the congress will feature speakers of the stature of Luis Alberto Lera (Michelin star and owner of the Lera restaurant), José Gordón (alma mater of the Bodega El Capricho restaurant and expert in beef), the Guijarro Brothers (responsible for the Terrabuey livestock farm and the Brasería Cuéllar) and Edorta Lamo (founder of the Arrea! restaurant, with double sunshine in the Repsol Guide).

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