Autumn in San Sebastian, a love story

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Donostia San Sebastián Tourismoa continues to work to promote the city as a safe, sustainable and quality destination, associating it with the values of wellbeing, nature, cinema, gastronomy... To this end, it is launching the campaign "Autumn in San Sebastian- A love story", with the support of the Tourism Department of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, a campaign in the purest Woody Allen style.

Walk through the city's parks, real forests full of life. Enjoy the architecture of the romantic area. Admire the changing blues of the sky and the sea in the heart of La Concha Bay or along the varied coastline of Gipuzkoa. Taste a seasonal pintxo or a very local menu.

Donostia is a city to fall in love with at any time of the year, but autumn is especially beautiful, if we know where to look.

This campaign, full of cinematographic nods, is being launched in September, the month of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, and will run until 30 October. It will aim to maintain the notoriety of the destination for a strategic public in the current context, with special emphasis on the local, Spanish and French public. A campaign that invites visitors to create their own story.


On the website a landing page has been created with autumn plans, proposing numerous plans and activities to do in the city and the territory, with a wide variety of possibilities in nature and in the open air. To this end, the companies associated with DSS Turismoa, small and medium-sized local businesses in the tourism sector, have collaborated in launching proposals for visitors. The landing page will be a live site where new plans will continue to be added.

In the words of Cristina Lagé, Councillor for Sustainable Tourism of the City Council of Donostia / San Sebastián, "A quarter is beginning that is going to be decisive for our tourist year in San Sebastián: autumn. An autumn in which we are putting a lot of work and in which we know that our recovery will be ratified".

A nod to Woody Allen

The campaign makes a cinematographic wink to "Rifkin's Festival", the latest film by Woody Allen, shot in San Sebastián, inviting each traveller to live his or her own story in a film city.

Woody Allen
Woody Allen

The promotional spot is very cinematographic, with music and typographic resources in the "Woody Allen" style, to show a beautiful city, ideal for strolling around its most emblematic places, such as La Concha, the Peine del Viento, the gardens of the Miramar Palace, the Hotel María Cristina, the Flysch of Zumaia, Pasajes San Juan, etc.

In addition, locals and visitors alike will be able to delve into the universe of Woody Allen through an interactive route that will show the most emblematic places in the city linked to scenes from the film, learning about curiosities from the film and historical information about each of its stops.

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