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The Tourism Department of the Provincial Council has taken a step forward in the process of digitalising the promotion of tourism in Gipuzkoa with the launch of new communication tools and the improvement of existing ones.

As explained by the Director of Tourism, Iker Goiria, this process is in line with the strategic plan for the promotion of the sector 2020-2023 and the BEGIKA model, announced last May, and "complements and reinforces the promotion carried out by the tourist offices and regional agencies throughout the territory, making a qualitative leap in the process of digital transformation, with the aim of making us a more attractive and intelligent destination and strengthening the sector".

'Arantxat', the virtual tour guide

One of the milestones in this process of innovation and commitment to new channels is the creation of 'Arantxat', a virtual tourist guide developed under a chatbot system available for whatsapp that includes all the information flows that have been collected from the most common queries received in tourist offices.

The application, available in Basque, Spanish, French and English, is completely free of charge. To use it, all you have to do is add the telephone number 688 768 903 to your address book and, from then on, you can chat as you would with any other contact.

"The aim of this tool is to facilitate a 'real' digitalisation to access tourist information. We often hear about digitalisation, but we believe that, when it comes to applying it, sometimes the same solutions are repeated. And this is, without a doubt, an innovative initiative at state level", added Goiria.


'Gipuzkoa Passport'

Two more launches complete this process of digital transformation of the tourist information channels. On the one hand, 'Gipuzkoa Passport' is now available as a mobile application on Android and Apple platforms.

"We are facing a summer of transition in which local and proximity tourism will continue to be of great importance, while foreign tourism is reactivating. For this reason, and after the good performance of the Gipuzkoa Passport campaign, we have decided to prepare this mobile application, with all the improvements offered by digital tools", the director pointed out. The application extends the list of plans of the paper edition launched in 2020, which will be updated, and offers improvements such as geolocation, the possibility of sharing content, the creation of lists of favourites, etc.

Redesign of the Gipuzkoa Turismoa website

In addition to these new tools, the Gipuzkoa Turismoa website, "which contains all the tourist information on the territory", has been completely redesigned both in terms of design and content presentation. The audiovisual aspect has been reinforced thanks to the new video pieces and an organisation of the offer with a focus entirely aimed at travellers.

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