Bizit Euskadi, a varied and unique experience in Euskadi

The Regional Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Javier Hurtado, presented the "Bizit Euskadi" campaign, which invites preferential markets to rediscover the Basque Country by adding a wide range of experiences and activities to their visit. A continuation of the concept has been chosen, with new formats and promotional impact channels.

"It is an invitation to travellers to visit us, together with an invitation to experience Euskadi. With the English Claim of visit Euskadi, which we use in so many destinations, we have taken the verb bizi from the Basque language, which evokes living, to create Bizit Euskadi. A concept that in 2 words sums up the life experience we want to offer our visitors. This campaign, in addition to the national markets targeted at Easter, will also have an impact on international markets such as France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal with renewed spots in their respective languages", commented Hurtado.

The campaign will deploy audiovisual supports that bring together the urban offer, nature, the moments of the Basque summer and gastronomy. The aim is to recover the sensations of a memory that is treasured in our travel album, of an experience of our own. In essence, we seek to offer the image of a plural, modern Euskadi, with a great wealth and variety of tourism and internationally renowned gastronomy.

"The destination Euskadi triples the impact of its investment, the traffic will be directed to the Euskadi tourism landing page and, very importantly, advanced tourism intelligence will be generated, which will include information on sales generated through the campaign and trends in searches for the destination", concluded the Minister.

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