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To travel is to become immersed in the place you visit. To merge with it. To take a piece of its essence with you and keep it in your memory. In order to keep that memory, when we travel we acquire objects that help us to do so. Visitors to Bilbao Bizkaia will find it easy, because there are many products that represent the Basque soul.


From typical traditional costumes and handicrafts to creations by contemporary designers, works of art, top quality gastronomic products and wines such as txakoli, one of the territory's hallmarks.

You can choose objects that reflect the history, traditions and nature of Biscayan society, such as the txikito glasses that were used for txikitear in the bars, miniature reproductions of the tools of Basque sports such as harrijasotzailes, aizkolaris or pelota vasca, arrantzale clothing, popular ceramics or reproductions of the Bilbao tile in any medium, from chocolates to silk handkerchiefs.


Exquisite gastronomy

If you fall in love with Bilbao Bizkaia's excellent gastronomy on your trip, you can also take a little piece of it home with you. Those with a sweet tooth can opt for the carolina -that spiral of meringue dipped in chocolate and egg that owes its name to the daughter of the baker who created it-, rice cake, rusos, cristinas, jesuitas, butter rolls, ori-baltzak from Gernika, aniseed doughnuts from Amorebieta, artopilas from Durango and Elorrio... Those who enjoy savoury dishes can take home high quality canned seafood - anchovies, tuna, etc. - from Ondarroa and Bermeo; pulses and the famous piperrak (chilli peppers), peppers and beans from Gernika or red onions from Zalla. Cod, the king of the tables in Bilbao Bizkaia, can be found in the typical salt cod, canned or ready to take away. Idiazabal designation of origin cheeses and mamia - curd cheese - with honey from Gorbea are a good option for ending meals with the flavour of the territory when you return home.


Taking home one of these souvenirs is even easier with the Bilbao Bizkaia Card, which in addition to offering advantages in urban and interurban transport

All of them are good options for acquiring a little piece of Basque culture and tradition. As is contemporary craftsmanship, which re-reads well-known objects and invites you to take an emotional journey through Bilbao Bizkaia's past, but without staying there.  This craftwork, with its innovative format, with its own character and roots, allows visitors to get to know elements of cultural identity, arouse curiosity and generate links and emotions that will allow them to return to Bizkaia a thousand times over just by seeing, touching or showing off a product.

Taking home one of these souvenirs is even easier with the Bilbao Bizkaia Card, which, as well as offering advantages on urban and interurban transport, is a very interesting passport when shopping, as it gives access to discounts and special offers, and also when visiting museums and restaurants, and going on guided tours or tourist activities.

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