More visitors this Easter than before Covid

Rioja Alavesa.
Rioja Alavesa.

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The figures for tourist arrivals in the Basque Country in April, published today by EUSTAT, are higher than those for April 2019. The first four months of the year show the recovery of international tourism and figures very similar to those before the pandemic.


Today the EUSTAT data have been published regarding the number of check-ins and overnight stays in hotel establishments in the Basque Country, which have tripled compared to 2021 and in the case of check-ins exceed those of 2019, before the arrival of the pandemic.

Admissions in hotel establishments have grown by 4.3% compared to April 2019 and by 207% compared to 2021. The evolution of the first four months of 2022 has been very positive, with figures close to 2019 as a whole, at just under 2 points, although in the months of February and April they have exceeded those of the same months of 2019.

International tourism, which had been weighed down in 2021 by the restrictions on mobility, has been recovering during this four-month period, remaining at only -0.4% of the first four months of 2019. These data indicate a positive trend, bearing in mind that in the summer of 2021 international tourism had fallen by 34%.


Overnight stays in hotel establishments in the Basque Country have tripled compared to 2021

The Department of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs has promoted the Basque Country for Easter with the "Bizit Euskadi" campaign and is stepping up promotion for the summer in national and international destinations such as Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Benelux, both with hyper-segmented product campaigns and with various promotional activities at the destination, as well as press and tour operator trips.

Among the most recent, on Tuesday a presentation was made to tour operators in Oporto and this week a group of journalists from different countries are travelling to the Basque Country, focusing on nature and ecotourism. In addition, during this month the Basque Tourism Agency, Basquetour has participated in the CEAV marketing conference and in the international connectivity fair ROUTES Europe, among other actions.

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