“The Dutch love to eat standing up and talking”

Emmi Declerck con una de sus guías
Emmi Declerck con una de sus guías

A native of Flandes, he has just published the first travel guide in Dutch on Euskadi, La Rioja and Navarra and another in the most famous travel guide series in Holland and Belgium.

Cover of the guide
Cover of the guide

When did you decide to write these guides?

I have lived in San Sebastian since 2007 and I have always wanted to write a travel guide about these territories. I had experience in writing about Spain when the publishers contacted me to propose this work.

What was the creation process like?

The two guides that have just been published are very different and so is the process. Without a doubt, it is a time-consuming job, but for me writing is a passion.

What are these two guides like?

The Time to Momo guide focuses on Bilbao, San Sebastian and the Basque Coast. It is more practical. It contains routes, the best places to visit, with a brief description of each one, visiting hours, etc.

The other one has a very personal vision of the places I like the most, with a different touch, through the stories of people, anecdotes... It is illustrated with photographs that I have mostly taken myself.


What do the Basque Country, La Rioja and Navarre have in common?

They are three regions connected by culture, gastronomy, history and the 'Camino de Santiago'. All three are triumphant in terms of food and wine and stand out for their landscape. They are also territories that are close to each other and can be visited in a short time.

You also work as a guide, what do you think attracts tourists from Belgium and Holland?

Above all, they are attracted by the gastronomy. What surprises them most are the pintxo bars, the good atmosphere. The fact of standing and eating something and talking to other people. It's a gastronomic paradise, and if you add the scenery... they love it.

In your guide you mention series, films, novels that have been made here. Why?

I like to tell about the culture here through other disciplines, such as cinema. It seemed logical to mention "Game of Thrones", Woody Allen's filming in San Sebastian or the novel "The White City". I also mention films like "8 apellidos vascos", which you can watch on Netflix.

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