Bilbao mountaineer Alex Txikón presents ‘Anwar’ this Friday

Alex Txikón.
Alex Txikón.

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The documentary film ANWAR (Full of Light) by Rosa García Loire will premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival on Friday 16 September. This story of mountaineering, solidarity and renewable energy starring Alex Txikon can be seen at the Aquarium in San Sebastian in two sessions, at 18:30 and 20:00. Both screenings will be presented by the director and the film's protagonist.

Sierra Leona School.
Sierra Leona School.

Shot in Nepal, Sierra Leona and Pakistan, ANWAR (Full of Light) immerses us in Txikon's winter expedition to Manaslu (Nepal). It is the first non-polluting ascent, powered by solar panels. With this sustainable system, which makes it possible to reduce the energy footprint in accordance with the Paris Agreements, he begins a work of solidarity with the EKI Foundation.

Alex is going to learn about the work developed by the Foundation in Sierra Leona, where they provide solar energy systems that allow energy autonomy in schools and hospitals isolated from the electricity grid. Txikon proposes to replicate this idea in a very special school in the Diamer Valley, in Pakistan, the Günter Mountain School, uniting two different but at the same time equal cultures.


In the words of the protagonist, "this is a project born of good work in which I want to highlight the difficulty of filming in the midst of a pandemic, the importance of humanitarian values and the belief that it will be able to make the viewer empathise and reflect on the difference in opportunities".

For her part, the director defines the film as "a story that makes us travel, that makes us think, that moves us. It is a journey through intertwined paths, schools that become twinned, friends who stay along the way, cultural exchange, people who decide to leave their homes because they think that something can change and that another world is possible".


The EKI Foundation in Sierra Leone provides solar energy systems that enable off-grid schools and hospitals to be energy self-sufficient

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