“Mantala”, a new initiative to promote our gastronomy

Participants at the
Participants at the "Mantala" presentation.

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Mantala Basque Gastronomy, an initiative whose mission is to promote and develop Basque gastronomy by encouraging the exchange of knowledge and co-creation, was recently presented at Tabakalera. Mantala is promoted by the Basque Culinary Center and Hazi Fundazioa in collaboration with different public and private agents.


How to promote Basque gastronomy? How to give visibility to the sector? How to strengthen the links between the different institutions? These are some of the questions that Mantala (mantala.eus) aims to answer. Mantala is an initiative aimed at promoting and developing Basque gastronomy by encouraging the exchange of knowledge. The initiative, promoted by the Basque Culinary Center; HAZI; Mahaia Kolektiboa; Gozoa, Gipuzkoako Artisau-Gozogileen Elkartea; Jakitea; Academia Vasca de la Gastronomía and Fecoga, the Federation of Gastronomic Guilds, has been presented at LABe-Digital Gastronomy Lab in Donostia-San Sebastián.


Among the different initiatives that make up Mantala is 'Euskal Gastronomiaren Topaketa - Basque Gastronomy Meeting', a day that will take place on 27 September at the Basque Culinary Center and will bring together the Basque gastronomic sector to exchange visions and reflect on the future. The different members of the gastronomy value chain: chefs, producers, entrepreneurs, gastronomic industry and institutions will come together in a unique day in which the gastronomic community will share knowledge and visions. The event is expected to be attended by some 300 professionals from the gastronomic sector.



Mantala is a space for knowledge and interaction where different contents and projects based on gastronomic research, dissemination and collaboration converge. It is an initiative that promotes the development and visibility of the main identity values of Basque gastronomy, with a vision of the future, through the dissemination and visibility of quality digital content: a website (mantala.eus) and different profiles on social networks that serve as amplifiers of the content of the initiatives as well as exclusive content on Basque gastronomy.

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