Ignacio Goitia exhibits “Nel Giardino Incantato”

Ignacio Goitia in Arles.
Ignacio Goitia in Arles.

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From 27 October to 9 December at the Juan Manuel Lumbreras gallery in Bilbao, Ignacio Goitia exhibits his works, always linked to history and the present, fusing impossible images of great beauty and plasticity.

In the spring of 2022, Goitia was commissioned to create a series of allegorical images in the form of Mannerist-inspired cut-out cartridges to be used as ephemeral scenography for a party that Swiss collectors, lovers of both classical and contemporary art, were organising in the gardens of their Villa Palazzo on the outskirts of Florence.

The event, which was organised by the international events company Le Basque Europa, based in Miami and Bilbao, was a great success. Alejandro Muguerza, its artistic director and one of the owners of the company, was the creator of the project.

Tiro a la ninfa.
Tiro a la ninfa. Ignacio Goitia.

Ephemeral scenography was consolidated during the Renaissance and reached its apogee in the Baroque period, when artists such as Bernini designed, as another facet of their artistic creation, numerous perishable constructions for the important celebrations of the time. This is the case of Giovanni Paolo Panini's painting in 1731 of the Piazza Navona in Rome adorned with preparations to celebrate the birth of the Dauphin. This is why Goitia chose this work as the basis for one of the photomontages that make up this exhibition: Romería en Piazza Navona (Pilgrimage in Piazza Navona).

With this background in mind, he recently received a proposal from the Juan Manuel Lumbreras gallery to create a new exhibition for this gallery.

During the numerous trips he made to prepare the event, he took the opportunity to visit different Italian cities and photograph with his high-definition camera their corresponding monuments full of frescoes and paintings. All this material has served as the basis for the series of 'fresco-montages' presented in this catalogue.


The iconographic programme of these works is divided into two parts:

On the one hand there are the large allegorical cartouches that structure and run through the exhibition space, as if it were an Jardíno Encantato (Enchanted Garden) laden with allegories. The chosen imagery is a mixture of mythological characters, allegories related to the cycles of nature and the occasional home-grown invention.

On the other hand, the smaller works hanging on the walls not only make reference to the destruction that all war entails, they are also a reflection on the disinterest in tradition that prevails in the art world today, a tradition that certain sectors of contemporary art, voluntarily or involuntarily, seem to want to destroy.

"I hope you enjoy this exhibition as much as I enjoyed creating it", Ignacio Goitia.

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