D.O. Navarra closes an exceptional year in sales


The year 2021 shows positive figures for sales of Navarra Designation of Origin wines. Commercialisation during this period has increased by 10.7% compared to 2020.

This increase is mainly driven by the domestic market with an increase in sales of around 13%. A greater dynamism has been perceived in almost all the "Nielsen Areas". As far as international sales are concerned, there has also been an increase in sales where we can highlight the positive performance in countries such as Germany, China, Belgium and Denmark.

"The Control Board always talks about general figures for the Navarra Denomination of Origin as a whole. The assessment of these figures is very positive and seems to indicate an upward trend and the path to recovery", comments Javier Santafé, managing director of the DO Navarra Regulating Council. "The assessment in terms of marketing for the year 2021 is positive despite the continuing restrictions and their consequences derived from covid19".

The Control Board is working on the development of its promotional plan both nationally and internationally with three basic axes that support the dissemination of the work of its wineries: Increased investment in promotion, reinforcement of the foreign market and an increase in communication and social networks.


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