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Queso de Idiazabal
Queso de Idiazabal

Álava stands out for the artisan production of foodstuffs linked to agriculture and livestock farming, and among these, cheese shines with its own light. The territory, together with Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Navarre, produces one of the best cheeses in the world, Idiazabal cheese, made from pure milk from Latxa or Carranzana sheep.

Around twenty farms in various parts of Álava produce this cheese of exceptional flavour and quality, which requires a minimum maturing period of two months.

Most of the producers use milk from their own sheep and work respecting the environment and the cycle of the plants.

Several of these cheese dairies offer visits to the public to learn how this product of gastronomic excellence is made by the shepherds and shepherdesses.

Visitors also receive a brief introduction to cheese tasting and, of course, try Idiazabal cheese to learn to appreciate the nuances of its flavour.


One of the best cheeses in

the world, Idiazabal,

is produced in Alava

Visitable cheese factories

AZKARRA B/ Arriba, 13 Galarreta 945 042 129

LA LEZE La Leze Ilarduia Farmhouse 945 304 158

OLANO C/ San Esteban, 6 Egino 945 304 244

These three cheese dairies offer visits all year round on Saturdays at 5 p.m., except in August, by prior reservation at the Llanada Alavesa Tourist Office (945 302 931 - A la carte visits are also available if advance notice is given.

By appointment

ATXETA Atxeta Oleta Farmhouse 945 450 167

BASTERRA Goiuri, 13 Goiuri 945 437 279

IZORIA B/ Ibarra, 27 Izoria 945 399 138

AGUIÑIGA B/ Larrabe, 1 Aguiñiga 945 399 257

Visits to these four cheese dairies must be arranged in advance with their owners by calling the telephone number given above.

For further information

You can contact the cheese dairies or the tourist offices in Llanada Alavesa (945 30 29 31), Zuia (945 43 04 40) and Ayala (945 39 37 04, 944 03 49 30, 945 39 62 10, 945 39 94 14).

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