“Gastronomy and Territories”, the flavours of Debagoiena


On the weekend of 19-20 November, free guided tours will be offered to the farmhouses and farms producing local produce in the Debagoeina. The visits will be conducted by the producers or managers, touring the outdoor areas as well as the indoor facilities and ending with a tasting of the product they offer.


The visits that will be offered this third weekend of November 2022 have been organised around 3 products: cheese, salt and chocolate. The first two will take place in the production farmhouses of Antzuola and Oñati, while the third and fourth will take place in the museums of Oñati and Gatzaga.

'Gastronomy and Territory' is a project that began last summer. It will launch several proposals, starting this month, and throughout next year. The idea is, among other things, to organise visits around the foods that are created, produced or processed in the region and to offer visitors new options for tasting them on the menus of the region's restaurants.


From the meadow to the table: herd management, cheese-making and tasting.

Where: Amatxo cheese dairy in Antzuola. When: 19 November and 20 November, at 11:00. Duration: 2 hours. Starting point: Amatxo Cheese Factory. Language: depending on demand.

Journey/adventure of the sack of cocoa: from America to Oñati by boat, train or donkey.

Where: Txokolateixia Museum in Oñati. When: 19 November, 5 p.m. and 20 November, 11 a.m. Starting point: Chocolateixia; Duration: 75 min.; Language: on request.

Landscape of white gold.

Where: Leintz Gatzaga Salt Museum. When: 19 November, at 12:00. Starting point: Salt Museum; Duration: 45 min.; Language: on request.

The secrets of shepherding and cheese-making in the Gomiztegi farmhouse.

Where: Gomiztegi shepherds' school. When: 20 November, 11.00 am. Starting point: Gomiztegi farmhouse. Duration: 75 min.; Language: on request.


The visits to be offered on the third weekend of November 2022 are organised around 3 products: cheese, salt and chocolate.


  • Information and booking:
    943 79 64 63 (Debagoiena Tourist Office)

The GASTRONOMIA ETA LURRALDEA programme is managed by the Community of Debagoiena and has the collaboration of the Department of Economic Promotion, Tourism and the Rural Environment of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Department of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs of the Basque Government.

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