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One of the best fish soups in the world is eaten in Hondarribia and, although it may seem fanciful, it is a reality that can be verified by those lucky enough to taste it at the Hermanda de Pescadores (Fishermen's Hermitage). Every day they prepare between 30 or 40 litres of this exquisite soup.

Exterior y arco de la Hermandad de pescadores de Hondarribia
Outside of the Hondarribia Fishermen's Brotherhood

The restaurant of the Hermandad de Pescadores in Hondarribia has been located in the popular Hermandad arch in the centre of the city since 1938. Its tradition, care and the quality of its cuisine have made it a reference in both Basque gastronomy and maritime cuisine.

Between 30 or 40 litres every day

The Brotherhood is the Mecca of this creed. Iñaki Berges and his wife Maite revived this frontier temple a few years ago, when the Olaciregui-Campandegui family, who had run it since 1938, retired.

"We keep the essence, but we also bring new strengths. We are known for our soup, but here everything that swims in our seas or jumps in our mountains is likely to end up in our kitchens", explains Iñaki, the magician who prepares what is said to be one of the best fish soups in the world. A sailor since he was 15 years old, this vocational cook prepares 30 or 40 litres of soup every day.

Vajilla de la Hermandad
Brotherhood Crockery
Hermandad de Pescadores
Zuloaga kalea 12, 20280 Hondarribia  Gipuzkoa

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