“Mantala Basque Gastronomy” to promote Basque gastronomy

Official presentation of Mantala Basque Gastronomy
Official presentation of Mantala Basque Gastronomy

Basque Culinary Center, Hazi and the main agents of Basque gastronomy present "Mantala Basque Gastronomy", a new initiative to promote and develop Basque gastronomy by encouraging the exchange of knowledge.

This is an initiative that promotes the development and visibility of the main identity values of Basque gastronomy, with a vision of the future, through the dissemination and visibility of quality digital content: a website (www.mantala.eus) and different profiles on social networks that serve as amplifiers of the content of the initiatives as well as exclusive content on Basque gastronomy.

Mantala has different projects that will reinforce the main communication axis, among which are initially the Personas/Pertsonak project, a space dedicated to know-how, knowledge and personal experiences linked to Basque gastronomy, through inspiring and essential figures and stories. The Gastronomic Map, a project focused on the recording and cataloguing of local products and preparations from all over the Basque Country, which is created with the aim of generating innovative content and guaranteeing the transmission of knowledge.

Likewise, a Basque Gastronomy Meeting will be activated, an initiative aimed at consolidating the sector through reflection and the detection of keys to the future through dialogue between the professionals that make up the Basque gastronomic sector, as well as Gastro Gaztea, an initiative that will host a series of dinners open to the public developed by young Basque gastronomic talents.


The actors responsible for Mantala have taken advantage of the first Gastro Gaztea dinner to present the project jointly. The presentation was attended by Bittor Oroz, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Policy, Peli Manterola, Director General of HAZI and Joxe Mari Aizega, Director of the Basque Culinary Center. Also present were representatives of the other collaborating agents of the initiative, Rafa Gorrotxategi, Vice-president of Jakitea, Mª Mar Churruca, President of the Basque Academy of Gastronomy and Juan Manuel Garmendia, President of FECOGA.

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"Mantala Basque Gastronomy"

is a new initiative to promote

and develop Basque


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