Opening of the Goierri cider season


This year, for the eighth time in the region, the opening of the Goitur cider maker season has been organised. This event was aimed at the people of Goierri and the surrounding area, with the intention of reminding them of the existing cider makers in the region and to encourage people to get to know and enjoy the cider culture.

The cider makers in Goierri have an important role to play. Five cider makers were present at the opening: Olagi in Altzaga, Urbitarte in Ataun, Aulia in Legorreta, Tximista in Ordizia and Oiharte in Zerain. Of these 5 cider makers, all are producers and all of them distribute their ciders both in the Basque Country and in Spain. We should also mention the Oiharte cider maker in Zerain and its sparkling cider Ama and the ecological cider Markesa, together with the ice cider, and the Urbitarte cider maker in Ataun that makes the Saarte and Jentilen Lurra crianza ciders; in the same way, all the cider makers belong to the "Euskal Sagardoa" Designation of Origin.

The importance of the cider houses in the gastronomic identity of both Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country is well known: proof of this is the number of visitors, in a normal season, from their opening until they close at the end of May. Therefore, we would like to remind you of the opening of the cider houses belonging to Goitur where you can enjoy everything related to cider culture.

The website offers a space to consult the opening times, in the cider houses section.


Goitur would like to appeal to the entire population of Goierri to consume and enjoy the tourist establishments in the region; in addition to the cider houses, throughout the year there are still restaurants, rotisseries, patisseries... Goierri offers various opportunities for a day, weekends or other stays.

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