Sagardoetxea, 15 years promoting the best cider

Participantes institucionales durante la presentación del aniversario de la Sagardoetxea
Participantes institucionales durante la presentación del aniversario de la Sagardoetxea

The Sagardoetxea Museum has been working to preserve and promote cider culture since it opened in September 2006. Thus, this 2021 Sagardoetxea celebrates its 15th anniversary and various activities have been organised for the enjoyment of cider culture and the cultural heritage of the cider world.

Acto de presentación del aniversario
Anniversary launch event

Sagardoetxea presented the programme of activities organised for the celebration of its 15th anniversary, an event attended by Xabier Urdangarin (Mayor of Astigarraga and President of the Sagardun Consortium), Bingen Zupiria (Regional Minister of Culture and Linguistic Policy and Spokesperson), Javier Hurtado (Regional Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs), María José Tellería (Director General of Culture of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa), Iker Goiria (Director General of Tourism of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa) and Peli Manterola (Director General of HAZI).

Manzanas seleccionadas para hacer sidra
Selected apples for cider making

Sagardoetxea is celebrating its 15th anniversary, but the town of Astigarraga has been disseminating cider culture and cider heritage for almost 50 years: celebration of Sagardo Eguna, collection of ethnographic pieces, photographs of farmhouses and ethnographic pieces, collection of words for the Sagardoaren Hiztegia.

Presentación a los medios del aniversario de Sagardoetxea

Sagardoetxea works in the

conservation and promotion

of the cultural heritage of

the world of cider

Cider cultural heritage

Mayor Xabier Urdangarin highlighted the work carried out by Sagardoetxea in recent years to conserve the cultural heritage of the world of cider, and stressed the responsibility that the town of Astigarraga has as a town to show this heritage to future generations.

It is worth highlighting the support that culture wants to give to the heritage related to apples and cider. The Councillor Bingen Zupiria highlighted the value of the heritage that Sagardoetxea has stored in its Documentation Centre and in the Basque Government's ENSIME application and expressed his intention to "continue to be travelling companions from the point of view of caring for heritage".

Interior de la Sagardoetxea
Inside the Sagardoetxea

Tourist experience

Cider culture is an important tourist experience in the Basque Country. The Councillor Javier Hurtado stressed that "the cider house experience is a ritual and a way of understanding enogastronomy as a social act". For his part, the Director General of Tourism, Iker Goiria, stated that "the cider experience is one of the top 10 experiences in Gipuzkoa and it is very important that Sagardoetxea is disseminated worldwide".

HAZI has also worked in recent years to promote apples and local cider. In the words of its General Manager Peli Manterola, "the most important event in recent years has been the creation of the Designation of Origin in 2017 and this has been the result of teamwork".

Kale Nagusia, 48
20115 Astigarraga

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