Smell the apple in the Igartubeiti farmhouse


Making your own apple juice is also a sensory experience that you can now enjoy at the Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum in Ezkio, Gipuzkoa. Feel the smell of the apples before treading them by hand. Practice the musical rhythms of the Kirikoketa. After pressing the apples, taste their juice. On 23 and 30 April at 17:00h.

Outside the Igartubeiti farmhouse museum in Ezkio.
Outside the Igartubeiti farmhouse museum in Ezkio.

The farmhouse

Igartubeiti was built in the mid-16th century and is a magnificent representative of the Golden Age of the Basque farmhouse. The Igartubeiti house reached its peak at the beginning of the 17th century, when it was extended and underwent a major transformation to adapt to new ways of living and working. Its original wooden structure, excellently preserved, and the existence inside it of a large cider press make it one of the most interesting farmhouses in the Basque Country.

The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa acquired the Igartubeiti farmhouse in 1992 with the aim of preventing its disappearance. After a complex restoration, the farmhouse has recovered the historical image it had at the beginning of the 17th century.

Its interior has been converted into a new museum in which the real life of the old farmhouses is recreated. Here you can experience what life was like inside a Basque farmhouse four centuries ago, with its original lighting, furniture and tools, and even the smells and aromas that permeated it.

Inside Igartubeiti farmhouse.
Inside Igartubeiti farmhouse.

Guided tour + cider house

In this experience you can enjoy a guided tour of the Igartubeiti farmhouse, a guided tasting and a cider house menu. We are in the middle of the cider house season and the Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum, in collaboration with Sagardoa Route, offers you the "Igartubeiti Farmhouse + cider house" experience.

After visiting the Igartubeiti farmhouse cider press, you will have a guided tasting of different ciders in the cider maker's cider house. In general, this year's ciders are lighter, more aromatic and with a lower alcohol content. To finish off, you will enjoy a traditional cider house menu:

- Cod omelette
- Fried cod
- Grilled T-bone steak
- Cheese with quince jelly and walnuts
- Bread and cider


Participants will make their own apple juice. The museum offers games for families to discover the secrets of the farmhouse

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