This weekend discover the gastronomy of Debagoiena


This weekend there will be Free Guided Visits to farmhouses, bakeries and gastronomic museums in the region. The visits will be led by the producers or managers of the centres: they will begin with a tour of the farms to learn about the facilities and the production processes of the products and will end with a tasting of the products. From 3 to 5 November.


The visits will revolve around 4 products that belong to the Debagoiena region: cheese, salt, chocolate and bread, which in some cases may be accompanied by other products from the region, such as txakoli. These are the towns that will offer visits this autumn: Leintz Gatzaga, Aretxabaleta, Arrasate and Oñati.


Cocoa and txakoli. 3 November, 17:00. Murgialdai winery. OÑATI

The secrets of shepherding and cheese-making in the Gomiztegi farmhouse. 4th November, 10:30. Gomiztegi farmhouse. OÑATI

Baking bread in a farmhouse in Bedoña. 4th November, 10:30. Errastikoa bakery, Bedoña neighbourhood. ARRASATE

Cocoa in Oñati. 4 November, 12:00. Txokolateixia Museum. OÑATI

Cheese-making around the Urkulu reservoir. 5 November, 11:00. Mitartegarai farmhouse. Urkulu neighbourhood. ARETXABALETA

The landscape of white gold. 5 November, 12:00. Salt Museum. LEINTZ GATZAGA

The Journey of Cocoa. A Tale of a Tale. 5 November, 12:00. Xokolateixia/Txokolateixia Museum. OÑATI

Queso de Idiazabal

And also...

This gastronomic weekend will be completed on Saturday, 4 November, with the 10th Arantzazu Mikopoteo. Mikopoteo de Arantzazu, an event organised by Arantzazu Lab with the collaboration of the 4 restaurants around the Sanctuary of Arantzazu and Tourism of the Community of Debagoiena.

17:15, GUIDED TOUR: "Sanctuary of Arantzazu for groups" (Arantzazu Tourist Office).

18:00, CONFERENCE ON MYCOLOGY: "Edible mushrooms, their similar toxic ones, and what happens if we get confused". (Gandiaga Topagunea).

19:00, MYCOPOTEO, Hotel Santuario de Arantzazu, Goiko-Benta, Sindika and Zelai-Zabal.

NOTE: there will be a bus service to and from Arantzazu from the Oñati Post Office, starting at 17:00.


943 79 64 63  -  943 71 89 11

For more information: Web de Turismo de Debagoiena Mankomunitatea

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