XXI Week of ‘Cazuelica’ and Wine D.O. Navarra


The XXI 'Cazuelica' Week and its pairing with Navarra Wine will be held from 7 to 16 October. Organised by the Association of Catering and Tourism of Navarre, it is sponsored by the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin of Navarre.


'Cazuelica' Week is an event that combines tradition with innovation. It is the best opportunity to taste tasty traditional mini stews with original and innovative touches, thanks to the way the participants prepare them.

After 20 years of celebration, the concept of 'Cazuelica', traditional gastronomy, "grandmother's", has become a traditional gastronomic gem in miniature, also paired with our Navarrese wine heritage.

The aim of this event, now in its 20th year, continues to be to promote the value and recovery of traditional cuisine, both in terms of the products themselves and the way they are cooked.

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