The best plans to enjoy Getxo this summer

Getxo Old Port
Getxo Old Port

If you are planning a getaway to Getxo and you like adventure, don't miss out on any of the activities we present to enjoy this beautiful town in Bizkaia this summer 2021.

Atardecer en Getxo
Sunset in Getxo

From watching the sunset on a sailing boat to touring the cliffs on a beautiful sightseeing tour, we offer plans and excursions to do in Getxo. Hiking, Sailing, Rural Sports, Culinary Experiences... the Getxo Tourist Office has prepared many different activities whether you are travelling alone or with your family.

The municipality of Getxo, made up of Areeta-Las Arenas, Algorta, Andra Mari, Neguri and Romo, offers its visitors the following experiences and excursions.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Getxo Tourist Office or visit the Main Office located on Ereaga Beach.

Faro de Getxo

Sailing trip on the Abra

Enjoy a trip around the mouth of the Bilbao estuary on a sailing boat. If you plan to visit Getxo and want to see it from a different perspective, don't miss the opportunity to see it from the sea, one of its main attractions.

And if you've never been on a sailing boat before, this could be a good opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of sailing on board, letting yourself be carried away by the wind and feeling the waves and the sea breeze.

Faro de Getxo
Getxo lighthouse

Sunset on the Basque Coast

While sailing through El Abra of Getxo you can enjoy the sunset on board the sailing boat, tasting some of the prestigious local broth that are some of the best ambassadors of our Basque gastronomy. During the sailing you can enjoy the views of the Old Port, a traditional enclave where you can taste the delights of the local gastronomy and sail along the cliffs of La Galea, which treasure the history of the Earth and keep secrets of incalculable value in their rocks.

Navegando por la costa de Bizkaia
Sailing along the coast of Bizkaia

Anchoring, bathing and txakolí

You set sail for Gorliz or Castro Urdiales. In both cases, the outward journey takes around three hours and you sail very close to the coast to enjoy the folds of the cliffs of Sopela and Barrika. During the trip, the boat anchors in crystal-clear waters and there is plenty of time for a swim and a dip in the sea.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in learning sailing techniques or even taking part in the crew's own tasks (mooring, steering, setting sails...).

Puente Bizkaia
Bizkaia Bridge

Ascent to the Bizkaia Bridge

Climb to the highest part of the Bizkaia Bridge structure and take the most impressive photo of Getxo. You will ascend from the terrace of the bridge to the panoramic walkway, climbing the emergency stairs and from there you will access the balcony of the bridge towers by other stairs. You will be accompanied by a monitor.

Puerto Viejo de Getxo
Getxo Old Port

Dramatised guided tour of the Old Port

With this surprising and fun visit we will discover the curiosities and customs of this picturesque Old Port among narrow and steep streets. During the tour, we will visit emblematic places in the life of the Old Port of Getxo such as the parapet of "Erriberamune", the old hermitage of San Nicolás and the fountain of El Farol. Also, make the most of your visit to the Old Port to taste the local gastronomy in any of its pintxo bars and restaurants.


Muelle de Ereaga, s/n.      48992 Getxo        Tel.   944 910 800

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