A journey to the gourmet heart of Navarre


Travelling around Navarre in search of its best products is an exciting adventure, in which we find an enormous diversity of landscapes and cultures.

The eight Designations of Origin, six Protected Geographical Indications and four different Quality Certifications are largely responsible for the fact that Navarre is known by gastronomy lovers as Reyno Gourmet.



A good way to start this journey is in La Ribera, the southernmost region of Navarre. A fertile land irrigated by the waters of the river Ebro and an ideal climate are the two factors that have enabled the farmers of the Ribera to grow the best vegetables in Spain. Chard, borage, cardoon, cabbage, cauliflower... every mouthful of these vegetable gems contains a part of the heritage of an agricultural tradition documented since the Muslim period.

In Tudela there is one vegetable that stands out above the rest, the Tudela artichoke, a product that reigns supreme from February to June in the fields along the banks of the Ebro, from Mendavia to the Bardenas Nature Reserve. In spring, the markets throughout the Autonomous Community of Navarre are full of fresh white asparagus, most of which comes from the regions of Tierra Estella and Alto Ebro.

Sharing space with asparagus is another of Navarre's gastronomic stars: the Piquillo Pepper from Lodosa, a specific variety cultivated in eight municipalities in the Alto Ebro. The bright red colour, small size and fine, compact flesh are the hallmarks of this inimitable product known as the "red gold of Navarre".


The Pacharán

In Tierra Estella, pioneering farms can be found where sloes are grown, the bush whose berries are used to produce the flagship of Navarrese liqueurs, pacharán.


The wine country

The rise of the Camino de Santiago, which crosses Navarre on its two main branches, and the creation of monasteries on its banks, were the impetus that wine growing needed to incorporate new winemaking techniques and grape varieties that today form the basis of the wines of the Navarra Designation of Origin. The D.O. vineyards currently total 10,500 hectares.


To discover the land that produces two of the best cheeses in northern Spain, you have to explore the northern valleys of Navarre. This is the territory of the Latxa sheep, the native breed whose milk is used to make the cheeses of the Idiazabal and Roncal DOs.

The peaks of the Aralar and Urbasa mountain ranges and the mountain pastures of Baztán-Bidasoa are the landscapes where we can find the flocks before the shepherds take them down to the valleys to spend the winter.

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