Topa Sukaldería, the meeting of Basque and Latin American gastronomy


Located in Gros, San Sebastian's trendy neighbourhood, Topa has become a reference point for locals and tourists alike. TOPA Sukaldería celebrates the centuries of history that unite Basques and Latin Americans. The idea was born from the trips that Andoni Luis Aduriz and his team have made over the years to various Latin American countries, where the signs of this shared history from both sides of the Atlantic have always caught his attention. TOPA Sukaldería is an IXO Group restaurant.

Topa's guacamole
Topa's guacamole

TOPA - which in Spanish, Basque and Guaraní means 'to find' - is precisely that: the point where both gastronomies meet to share products, flavours, recipes, stories and customs, with the desire to enjoy, discover and have a good time. Because TOPA invites you to do just that, to party, in its broadest sense. And it has been demonstrating this since it started five years ago.

What would a Basque immigrant in Latin America cook and how would he make the recipes of his new home his own? That has been the question that has helped the Topa team to create its own recipe book, offering a cuisine in which the ingredients are touched without losing their identity, creating new flavours.

Bonito ceviche
Bonito ceviche

Tacotalos, ceviches and tiraditos

This process of 'Basqueisation' gave rise, for example, to their famous tacotalos, inspired by Mexican tacos, whose dough is prepared in Topa with corn and millet: Basque pastor, baby squid in its own ink with mole, huitlacoche and truffle or fried shrimp rosarito style, depending on the season.

Another of their star dishes are the ceviches and tiraditos, recipes originating from Peru and other coastal areas of Latin America, prepared here with local fish, such as the bonito ceviche or the Oriotarra-style cod or anchovy tiraditos. From Argentina, there is a version of txoripan - with txistorra, of course - or roast veal. And much more, in a constantly changing menu that never ceases to surprise.

The journey is not only through the dishes: the cocktails - and the micheladas and wines invite you to discover other countries with a lot of Basque immigration, such as Cuba, Brazil, Chile or Colombia.

Its characteristic and colourful mural, created by the Guipuzcoan artist Judas Arrieta -with fun elements of Basque and Latin American culture-, and its "bailonga" music -with the best from here and the best from there-, create a cheerful and fun atmosphere, to which you will definitely want to return.


Both gastronomies meet to

share products, flavours,

recipes, histories and customs

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