BIEMH, the Bilbao Machine Tool Biennial

Primeras ediciones de La Bienal.
Primeras ediciones de La Bienal.

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On March 3, the history of innovation in the machine tool industry will mark 64 years since that milestone at the first International Biennial in Bilbao. This event, which has evolved into BIEMH 2024, continues to set the course for advanced manufacturing.

Presentación BIEMH 2024
Presentación BIEMH 2024

On a March 3 like today, but 64 years ago, the history of the machine tool industry marked a milestone with the celebration of the first International Machine Biennial. This pioneering event, which took place at the historic Bilbao Trade Fair, was the first monographic event in Spain at the time.

With the participation of the main leading companies in the sector,the fair showcased the latest innovations in machine tools, attracting thousands of visitors both nationally and abroad. This first edition laid the groundwork for an event that would be key in catalyzing advances and collaborations in the industry globally.

Bienal Internacional de Máquina-Herramienta

The numbers speak for themselves: 226 companies presented their machines at the exhibition, exceeding all initial expectations. This success was the beginning of an event that, in its third edition and now a biennial event, counted with the participation of more than 400 exhibiting companies and 4,000 tons of machinery.

On March 3 of this year, and only three months before the start of its 32nd edition, the International Machine Tool Biennial is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the sector. This meeting is crucial because it unites supply and demand, promoting innovation and technological development in the machine tool industry and advanced manufacturing.

With a broad sectorial representation in its exhibition area and an enriched content agenda, the BIEMH 2024 promises to provide a first-class industrial show. This event further consolidates its position as a world reference in events aimed at smart manufacturing, reaffirming its importance for the sector and for the promotion of the industry.

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