Garazi Sánchez, surfer: “I need to be passionate with what I do”


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A few days before she heads to the Tokyo Olympics classification program, surfer Garazi Sánchez tells us about his sensations before the big date for our paper version of Tour Magazine.

Possibly when this interview is published Garazi Sánchez (Algorta, 1992) will be surfing in El Salvador, competing to achieve his great goal, participate in the Tokyo Olympics. When she was 7 years old started to practice surfing with a board that his brother left him, on the beach of Laga, Bizkaia.

Garazi Sánchez
Garazi Sánchez

Today, in addition to studying Business, to be the image of different brands and produce documentaries, she is passionate about nature, she follows thrilling when she sees so many kids, girls and mothers practicing their great passion on the waves.


¿What feelings do yo have for the qualifying championship?

The feelings are good but three people are classified for each country and that is not easy. But it's very motivating. With the results of other years, this year I would have classified status. My goal is to prepare perfectly and make the best result, although everything is decided in a single championship. What is in my hand is being as well prepared as possible.

In this difficult year, ¿how do you prepare for an Olympiad?

There are phases in which you prepare more for the technical but, as a championship approaches, you work more on strategy and decision making. Decisions that you help to overcome stress, a decision in a second marks the balance. The objective is for this decision to be made from serenity and not from fear. It is also important that you do no forget what is normal, what you have been doing well for years. Choosing between a good wave and a bad wave, for example.


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