Loiu airport promotes local products

Loiu airport
Loiu airport

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Bilbao Bizkaia Action Group has launched a campaign that uses different media to present products such as txakoli, carolina or anchovies in strategic locations in the arrival and departure areas.


Bilbao Bizkaia has launched today a campaign at Loiu airport to promote the purchase of local products among visitors to the territory, placing on different supports creativities in which these products are shown in a suggestive way (txakoli, txapela, carolina, cesta punta, anchovy, crafts with traditional motifs...) along with a QR code through which you can download all the information about them and the establishments where they can be purchased. This initiative is part of the actions that Bilbao Bizkaia Action Group (BBAG) has been developing to encourage travellers to make purchases during their visit.


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