Three women at the helm of the best wineries

Clara Canals, Ysios.
Clara Canals, Ysios.

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Three expert women, of recognised professional prestige, who have played a key role in the best wineries, maintaining tradition and the family legacy, revolutionising the methods that result in the best wines. Restless, tireless, creative and meticulous, these three women never cease to take on new challenges and professional challenges, with the aim of continuing to learn and spread the culture of wine.

Little by little it is being better understood that a woman can be an oenologist, but years ago, for these women, it was a challenge to present themselves as wine experts and to bet their future on this profession in a sector traditionally led by men.

Passion for oenology, for a career anchored to the land. They put their personal touch on everything they do, trying to make sure that, at the moment of consumption, we can enjoy and feel all those sensations that they perceive when they are surrounded by vineyards. They are able to adapt perfectly to the changing circumstances of the environment, developing a professional career not exempt of sacrifice and passion. They love what they do and this passion is transmitted through their wines.

Clara Canals
Clara Canals

Clara Canals - Ysios

Clara was born in Tarragona in 1982 but soon, in 1984, she moved to Logroño where she grew up. In 2005 she graduated in Biology and in 2006 in Biochemistry from the University of Navarra. Subsequently, she studied a European Masters in Oenology and Viticulture in Montpellier. Driven by curiosity and the desire to learn about the winemaking process in a practical way, Clara came to the vineyards of the Marlborough region in New Zealand, where she completed her Master's thesis.

After this immersion in the world of wine, she joined the Campo Viejo team for 8 years, where she gained further experience and knowledge in making extraordinary wines. Subsequently, she joined the Ysios family as head winemaker, where she took the brand to new horizons. For Clara "it is a great pleasure to be part of the Ysios family, an example of good work and respect for the winemaking heritage of our region with an avant-garde vision that allows us to discover new possibilities. This is a unique opportunity to continue developing my career in one of the most promising wineries, where we are committed to an exquisite attention to detail in the winemaking process, right from the vineyard".

Teresa Rodríguez.
Teresa Rodríguez.

Teresa Rodríguez - Tarsus

She was born in Madrid on 16 October, in the middle of the grape harvest. It was clear that his future was already marked. He is a technician specialising in Viticulture and Oenology from the Escuela y Museo de la Vid y del Vino de Madrid. He holds a Master's degree in Viticulture, Oenology and Wine Marketing from The International Social Science Council. He is a member of the Tasting Committee of the Rueda Denomination of Origin and of the Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla y León.

For more than a decade, she has been responsible for Bodegas Tarsus, where she has taken special care to produce the winery's select range of wines, wines of great personality and elegance. Her philosophy is based on the exclusive dedication to the elaboration of high expression wine and oriented to reach the maximum excellence in the result.

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Elena Adell.
Elena Adell.

Elena Adell - Azpilicueta

An oenologist from La Rioja, her love of agriculture dates back to her childhood, when she used to help her grandfather in the fields. She came to oenology "out of curiosity, because once she had the grape in her hand, she wanted to know more". With a degree in Agricultural Engineering, she specialised in viticulture and oenology, joining the winery group in 1985.

In 1998 she became the Technical Director of Campo Viejo, which allowed her to participate in the design plans for the new winery from its earliest stages. Elena created the ideal conditions to prolong her love affair with the Tempranillo grape. "This fabulous winery provides me with the ideal platform to take as a starting point the values that have made our wines a reference in the world". She is also the director of the winery's PR strategy (nationally and internationally).

Elena is an enthusiastic woman, who enjoys playing with the possibilities offered by the hundreds of hectares of vineyards at her disposal, with the grape varieties, with the different expressions offered by a fruit grown in a land that changes in its composition, altitude and orientation. From this diversity, Elena blends varieties, combines, learns and makes wines that excite and provoke the consumer's curiosity, without losing the essence of Rioja wine. She is one of those responsible for the timeless state of youthful maturity enjoyed by the best wines of La Rioja.

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