Txakolin Topaketa 2022, on the Boulevard in Donostia San Sebastián


After two years without being held, the Txakolin Topaketa returns to the Boulevard in Donostia San Sebastián. A meeting to get to know a wine as much ours as Txakoli de Getaria.

This year, they will have the collaboration of ZAPOREAK who will help to serve both the Getaria Txakoli and the pintxos they will prepare for the occasion: gildas and assorted Eusko Label cheeses. The proceeds will be donated to ZAPOREAK to finance the projects they have underway.

At the Txakoli Topaketa in Donostia, a glass of Getariako Txakolina and a pintxo (gilda or cheese) will be on sale for 3.00€.  If you feel like repeating, you can buy another Txakoli and a pintxo for 1.00€.

The tasting will start at 12:00 until 14:30. It will be enlivened by background music and throughout the morning, Mikel Garaizabal, wine culture disseminator, will offer commented tastings to learn a little more about the Getariako Txakolina DO and its Txakolis.


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