Active Tourism in the Basque Country: Get to know the new app

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It is a tool that basically reflects in an immediate and geolocalised way the active tourism and ecotourism options offered by the companies in each geographical location.

At the same time, and in a second phase, it will reflect the important synergies of the active tourism sector with other sub-sectors, such as rural accommodation, gastronomic offerings, cultural, traditional and heritage proposals, natural environments, etc.

It can be downloaded directly by users from both the IOS App Store and the Android Play Store.


This new app is a commitment by AKTIBA, Basque Association of Active Tourism, Adventure Sports and Nature Companies, to continue building the future of these companies. A future based on digitalisation and the use of the new tools that technological advances have made available to us for information and marketing, giving greater visibility and accessibility to member companies via mobile phones and tablets.

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