VISIT GastrOH! The Basque Country, La Rioja, Navarre, Pays Basque and Béarn promote gastronomy together


The GATURI project aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in the tourism and agri-food sectors in the cross-border area through the construction of a "Single Destination" between Navarre, Euskadi, La Rioja, Pays Basque and Béarn by designing joint marketing and internationalisation strategies.


VISIT GastrOH aims to be the gateway to a first class international and sustainable gastronomic tourism destination. Hundreds of ways to visit our land in a truly authentic and unique experience for visitors who are eager to discover and enjoy gastronomy.

Thus, the common international gastronomic territory made up of the Basque Country, Béarn, La Rioja, Navarre and Pays Basque becomes one with the creation of a Unique International Gastronomic Tourism Destination, known as VISITGastrOH!

This new international destination aims to help companies by creating a joint model for their internationalisation and tools to increase the promotion and international gastronomic and tourist positioning of the cross-border territory and help them to reach other international tourist markets more easily.

The main international tool is the platform, a showcase for the gastronomic, agri-food and tourism products and resources of the five territories. This platform will host the different gastronomic tourism routes and a wide range of experiences, allowing travellers to select the proposals that best suit their interests and needs and, at the same time, a broad showcase for the sale of agri-food products from the common territory, aimed at both the end customer and the HORECA channel.

BCC students during their training. is a showcase to the world of the gastronomic, agri-food and tourism products and resources of this five territories

Cross-border routes

The thematic tourist routes or itineraries are the integration of resources and services of the five territories that make up the VISIT GastrOH! destination around a specific gastronomic product (wine, cheese, ...), encompassing a wide and structured offer of services from the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, to constitute a value proposition and enhance the networking of all agents and encourage the joint promotion of the territory at an international level. These products, in addition to guaranteeing extraordinary quality and being closely linked to the territory in which they are produced, are one of the transversal elements that are present in the VISIT GastrOH!


Wine Destination: Tourists can discover the landscapes of vineyards and villages and towns that live by and for wine. Immerse yourself in the culture of wine through a unique journey through different wine-producing areas: family-run, century-old, chateau-style, cooperative and architecturally striking wineries open their doors wide.

Cheese Destination: The cheeses of the VISIT GastrOH! destination have always maintained their characteristic flavour and aroma, and are produced in a natural and artisanal way. Through the artisan cheese dairies, farms and refineries, tourists can discover the landscapes, villages and valleys that give their name to some of the most famous cheeses in the world.

Destination Designation of Origin: In the VISIT GastrOH! Destination, international tourists will find products protected by more than 40 Protected Designations of Origin and other differentiated quality seals such as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) or TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed). Each of these seals recognised by the European Union guarantees quality foodstuffs with unique characteristics attributable to their origin, where artisanal and differentiated production methods are followed.

Eco-Gastronomic Route: A genuine route through the exclusive flavours of the regions that form part of VISIT GastrOH! through the producers and organic farms in which to embrace sustainability and the flavour that tourists will find in them and their spectacular natural spaces and parks.

Gourmet Route - Haute Gastronomy: In VISIT GastrOH! you will find the largest concentration of restaurants with distinctions in the world. Tourists can travel through some of the best restaurants in the world, distinguished by prestigious guides (Michelin or Repsol or Master Restaurateur). The landscape sits at the table in the form of innovative dishes prepared by some of the best chefs in the world. Chefs have become the true protagonists of the new art of gastronomy.

Great Roadtrip - GastrOH Tour!: This is travelling without haste, enjoying the contrasts of a territory considered a gastronomic paradise. Seas of vineyards between walled villages, mountains with green pastures, solitary hamlets, lush forests of oak and beech trees, orchards by the river, beaches and fishing villages, spectacular wineries... all of this on your way through this great gastronomic tour. Lonely roads that take you to the heart of a territory where gastronomy is our way of life. Explore our villages to savour the local gastronomy and feel the atmosphere of the local produce markets.

The flavours of the Camino de Santiago: A road full of flavours in each of its stages that will nourish the travelling spirit of tourists and pilgrims. The international gastronomic proposals of the route provide the necessary pause and strength to enjoy this great journey. An original way of getting to know the most agricultural and livestock landscapes and all the products of the land. A route that allows you to get to know the gastronomic culture of the different villages it passes through.

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